Ways to expand your Clinical Practice skills

Identifying your development needs

Refresh your understanding of your preferred learning style (e.g. Honey and Mumford Download here) consider how you might tailor your clinical learning to your preferred learning style

Discuss your priorities for developing clinical practice skills with your clinical supervisor/appraiser. These should relate to your current development needs, your current role, and expected clinical needs of the service as well as your future aspirations

Develop a personal development plan (PDP) Personal development planning | Health Careers

Arrange one off clinical supervision with someone with established skills/role that you are interested in.

Arrange for someone with established skills to observe your practice.

Competency and scope of practice

Look up resources regarding scope of practice, competency assessments and delegation of duties provided by the AHP professional bodies eg:

If you do not feel that your clinical practice is fit for purpose within your current role discuss with your clinical supervisor/line manager. 

Formal Resources/Training opportunities

Go to the e-Learning for Healthcare webpage

Complete the care certificate. This can be undertaken on ESR in many organisations but is also available on e-Learning for Health

Explore resources provided by the AHP professional bodies.

Undertake formal training which may be provided by local higher education institutions.

Take up opportunities for clinical updates provided by your Training Department.

Attend team Inservice/CPD sessions.

Complete Personalised Care Institute modules 

Informal development

Spend time shadowing someone with established skills in a particular role to update your clinical skills or expand your awareness. This could be within or outside of your department or trust/organisation.

Explore what clinical networks exist in your area or on-line for practitioners in your area of practice.  AHP professional bodies may be able to signpost you to these.