Unlocking Opportunities In Your Career

During your career, there will be key points when you stop and consider what your next steps might be. For example, when you prepare for your annual appraisal, on completion of a course or programme, returning from a break in service or when you are just ready for a new opportunity.

This tool provides you with a download pdf report with career guidance, and for use with your manager, supervisor, coach or mentor for further discussion about next steps and resources.

Registered Allied Health Professionals

The AHP career path is rarely the ‘ladder’ that we used to think of. Instead there are multiple paths, and we often pursue more than one of them at once.

This tool is designed to help you consider what experience and expertise you already have using the Four Pillars of Practice: Clinical Practice, Leadership, Education and Research/Service Improvement

It will take you roughly 10-20 minutes to work through it, and after this there will be a PDF report that you can download/print.

Good luck with your next steps!

Non-Registered Allied Health Professionals

This Career Development tool is for non-registered AHP support workers to help you evaluate what skills and experience you already have, and to consider the next steps in your career journey.

Click here to learn more about the AHP Support Worker Competency, Education and Career Development Framework and link this with your development goals.

This tool takes roughly 10-20 minutes to work through and provides a PDF report at the end which you can print/download.

Good luck with your next steps!