Ideas to Improve Education Pillar

Things you could do:

  • Link with learners in the workplace to see if you can offer them guidance or support. Find out more about what it’s like to be a learner in your team or department
  • Work with the placement / education support teams to develop resources for learners in the workplace
  • Ask to mentor or assess learners in your workplace
  • Actively participate in activities to support preceptorship
  • Think about developing or refining resources for those seeking work experience opportunities
  • Develop patient education materials which can be displayed in public areas or through leaflets
  • Engage in promoting your profession at external events e.g. Schools, Colleges, other interest / support groups often look for speakers
  • Develop and deliver a ‘mini-teach’ session for students or other staff
  • Establish a regular CPD schedule for all staff to contribute to or engage with. Co-ordinate the speakers / activities for this and encourage others to present short teaching sessions
  • Develop resources to support CPD which do not rely on face to face activities
  • Contact local universities to offer teaching sessions based on your clinical experience or expertise
  • Seek out opportunities to work with university teams to design or refine teaching materials
  • Undertake a teaching qualification at College or University
  • Access e-learning for Health or similar free resources (look for MOOCs) to strengthen your professional development