Evidence, Research and Development

Research health and care professionals working at the level of advanced clinical practice should be able to:

4.1 Critically engage in research activity, adhering to good research practice guidance, so that evidence-based strategies are developed and applied to enhance quality, safety, productivity and value for money.

4.2 Evaluate and audit own and others’ clinical practice, selecting and applying valid, reliable methods, then acting on the findings.

4.3 Critically appraise and synthesise the outcome of relevant research, evaluation and audit, using the results to underpin own practice and to inform that of others.

4.4 Take a critical approach to identify gaps in the evidence base and its application to practice, alerting appropriate individuals and organisations to these and how they might be addressed in a safe and pragmatic way.

4.5 Actively identify potential need for further research to strengthen evidence for best practice. This may involve acting as an educator, leader, innovator and contributor to research activities and/or seeking out and applying for research funding.

4.6 Develop and implement robust governance systems and systematic documentation processes, keeping the need for modifications under critical review.

4.7 Disseminate best practice research findings and quality improvement projects through appropriate media and fora (e.g. presentations and peer review research publications).

4.8 Facilitate collaborative links between clinical practice and research through proactive engagement, networking with academic, clinical and other active researchers.

Ideas to improve your Research Practice Skills

Evidence, Research and Development

Evidence, Research and Development

Engaging in research or audit to identify and implement best practice; actively engaging in service improvement activities.

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