Leadership and Management

Health and care professionals working at the level of advanced clinical practice should be able to:

2.1 Pro-actively initiate and develop effective relationships, fostering clarity of roles within teams, to encourage productive working.

2.2 Role model the values of their organisation/place of work, demonstrating a person-centred approach to service delivery and development.

2.3 Evaluate own practice, and participate in multi-disciplinary service and team evaluation, demonstrating the impact of advanced clinical practice on service function and effectiveness, and quality (i.e. outcomes of care, experience and safety).

2.4 Actively engage in peer review to inform own and other’s practice, formulating and implementing strategies to act on learning and make improvements.

2.5 Lead new practice and service redesign solutions in response to feedback, evaluation and need, working across boundaries and broadening sphere of influence.

2.6 Actively seek feedback and involvement from individuals, families, carers, communities and colleagues in the co-production of service improvements.

2.7 Critically apply advanced clinical expertise in appropriate faciliatory ways to provide consultancy across professional and service boundaries, influencing clinical practice to enhance quality, reduce unwarranted variation and promote the sharing and adoption of best practice.

2.8 Demonstrate team leadership, resilience and determination, managing situations that are unfamiliar, complex or unpredictable and seeking to build confidence in others.

2.9 Continually develop practice in response to changing population health need, engaging in horizon scanning for future developments (e.g. impacts of genomics, new treatments and changing social challenges). Multi-professional framework for advanced clinical practice in England.

2.10 Demonstrate receptiveness to challenge and preparedness to constructively challenge others, escalating concerns that affect individuals’, families’, carers’, communities’ and colleagues’ safety and well-being when necessary.

2.11 Negotiate an individual scope of practice within legal, ethical, professional and organisational policies, governance and procedures, with a focus on managing risk and upholding safety.

Ideas to improve your Leadership and Management Practice Skills



Leadership Being a role model, responsive to change, leading others and developing excellence within your area of practice.

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